I like Pokemon.

I got into Pokemon in my early tweens with the release of XY. I'm not very optimal about my runs, instead opting to pick my favourites! And I have SO many favourites. Like, you have no idea.

My ideal Pokemon game would have lots of customization, Pokemon able to follow you around, every type of contest (yes, even the musicals), day/night, weather, an actual bike, cooking mechanics, and basically every small thing that makes Pokemon games great. God, I love Pokemon. There are so few I hate.

You know what Pokemon I hate? The damn goth line. I hope they drown in a pot of piss; I despise them.



There are so many reasons to love Spinda. Its near-infinite amount of patterns, ensuring every one is unique. Its adorably awful BST. Its idle dizzy animation. I personally love it because I connect with it. I, too, am dizzy, short, and bad at combat.



Oh, man, Sylveon is great. I shiny hunted Sylveon for weeks, and after around 600 eggs, I got one! I named him 玉兔 after the Chinese mythological bunny on the moon; after all, Sylveon looks kind of like a bunny, and fairy types have many moon-based moves.


Name TBD

Whimsicott is possibly the most cute Pokemon out there. Look at its face! How could you not love it? Especially after it gained the fairy type, Whimsicott is a pretty decent competitive Prankster Pokemon. Most of my favourites are not the best in competitive, so I am so happy at least one is!

Meowstic M


Meowstic is a pretty cute mon. I prefer the shiny to be female, but as for the regular form, I prefer the male one. I think the lore is quite interesting and Espurr is the funniest, most traumatized Pokemon out there.



I used to not like Banette very much. Then, I started my second playthrough of ORAS. Banette was one of my mains, and I loved him! He was pretty versatile, great stats, had a mega with a cool design... I'm not a big sucker for ghost types, but Banette has made its way into my favourites list.


Name TBD

It is so fluffy! I'm a normal type kind of guy, and Cinccino plays perfectly to my tastes. Not to mention the fact that it's a chinchilla! Absolutely stunning. 10/10.

Honourable Mentions

Mimkyu, Lycanroc, Victini, Dragalge, Furfrou, Liepard, Lilligant, Toxicroak, Maractus, Larvitar, Talonflame, Tapu Fini, Lurantis, Delphox, Goodra, Flygon, Golisopod, Trevenant, Morelull, Salazzle, Goomy, Smeargle, Absol, Nilhelgo, Aegislash, Alcremie, Breloom, Gallade, Decidueye, Noivern


Gen 4

I loved gen 4! Shinx is so cute, and I'm so happy it's one of the early-game Pokemon. I enjoyed making poffins greatly, even though I was pretty bad at it, and most other mini features like that were stellar. Polishing my badges is something I wish I was able to do in my favourite games, it's so fun! Overall, solid 9/10. Not my favourite games, but a great time.

Gen 5

Generation 5 is the best generation in all of Pokemon. It has the whole spaghetti (an expression my good friend coined).Literally everything about gen 5 is nearly perfect, save Black City. I hate Black City. It is so unfair. 9/10, with one point docked for no sounds when badge polishing and for Black City.

Gen 6

Gen 6, despite not being the best generation, is my favourite. This, obviously, is because I started with it. While XY has problems with its story, difficulty, and content level, I think it really isn't that bad. The designs of towns are excellent, the soundtrack is stellar... there's a lot to love. As far as ORAS goes, it also has "the whole spaghetti". It's the best remake in all of Pokemon, in my honest opinion. 8/10 for XY, 7.8/10 (too much water) for ORAS.

Gen 7

I only have two complaints about SMUSUM. Firstly, the cutscenes. It takes you 30 minutes to get to a Pokemon center in the game just because of how many cutscenes there are. The first island is hellish to replay, and trust me, I've replayed these games over eight times. Secondly, USUM should've been DLC. The differences are minor content additions an d the cutting of the Lusamine story (which I am very upset about, since it's one of the best written stories in recent Pokemon). 8/10.