I am the ticker - The Commissioner is Doing a Great Job - What - No Stealing - Uh Oh - This is a Parody - I'm going insane - please help - what's going on - Your Season 1 ILB Champions are the Charleston Shoe Thieves


Oh, man. Blaseball. I love Blaseball. I got into it Season 9 (October 2020) when my ex-boyfriend showed me a video about Blaseball history. I, tiredly (because it was 1am), chose a team and got into it. It was worth it!

Blaseball is a text-based absurdist baseball simulator that started in July of 2020. Lots of weird things happen, like players dying. The community creates lore for the randomly generated characters, and it's overall a great time.

My favourite part of Blaseball is definitely watching my team crawl its way out of unfortunate circumstances into championships! The Charleston Shoe Thieves are dangerous in the post-season.

Top 3 Favourite Players

1. Tillman Henderson

This guy owes me 50 dollars, and I'm in love with him. He's just an asshole.

Fate: 70

Blood Type: O no

2. Vernon Shotwell

An insanely insomniac loveable character. Vernon is my second love.

Fate: 45

Blood Type: I can't find it online ):

3. Gunther O'Brian

A penguin.

Fate: 76

Blood Type: A