Jan 27

hugo redesign option 2

Jan 26

my imagining of a friends oc

Jan 25

trying out new styles. sorry i'm not drawing much :P

Jan 24

more soejima style study

Jan 23

Me as mr beast

Jan 22

hugo again wip

Jan 21

hugo redesign coloured sketch

Jan 20


Jan 19

Sticker for the site

Jan 18

only doodled today sorry lads

Jan 17


Jan 16

beginnings of a piece

Jan 15

Corobo again

Jan 14

Art trade with @afriedshape on instagram

Jan 13

Today's a break day so no full piece, just neography

Jan 12

This guy is awesome; I dunno about names, though

Jan 11

it says "i love you"

Jan 10

demon girl (:

Jan 09

virgil again

Jan 08

virgil nightmare thing

Jan 07

AKECHI (First one of the year!)

Jan 06

Some patients concepts

Jan 05

Shrine thing, testing out compositions

Jan 04

Just some doodles today

Jan 03

Fanart for my friend Corobo.

Jan 02

His name is Alexei (:

Jan 01

Did this right before midnight, does it count?